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We have a few pictures, taken at a few places that I've either had the fun of running a karaoke show, or was helping someone else with theirs...
Most of these are displayed a bit smaller than they really are.  These SHOULD ALL be set to a resolution of 640 X 480 (give or take) if downloaded.
If you right click and "save as", they will be larger on your computer. Almost all of these are or were taken in low light and are NOT the greatest
quality of picture, but the content IS the greatest quality.
 :-)  ALL pictures were sized down for display here, but they are all still full size if you download them. (640X480 or so)
I will date when these are posted, OR when taken or edited.  You might have to guess where some were taken.


The following were taken in late Feb 2012 through the week of May 15th 2012.


The following were put on line 2-14-2012


Then there's THIS one...   :-)

  NO Christmas Music of any kind allowed until Thanksgiving night. 


Posted Nov 12th, 2011


    < Northwood and that little 60+ inch screen.  


Just a few thoughts to perk you up and keep you going.  :-)  More Peeps below...



From October 29th, 2011.  Halloween contest / Party @ The Nutty Irishman


Northwood Golf Course Restaurant.  From Oct 28th, 2011


  From Oct 25th, 2011..


Below here - Added Oct 23rd, 2011   

<Nah, he wasn't there.  :-)    < But HE was... 

Below -
Added Oct 12th, 2011. 


Below here, added the first week of October 2011.


As I add to this, I will do so from the top down, leaving the older pictures at the bottom of the page.  If I change my mind, I'll let you know. 


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